Efficiently convert solar thermal energy into electricity.


Can efficiently convert industrial
waste heat into electricity.


Produce clean energy efficiently
and operate in harsh environments.

JTEC–One of the Top 10 New World-Changing Innovations. –Popular Mechanics Magazine

The JTEC is a breakthrough technology that directly converts thermal energy into electrical energy. Unlike traditional multi-step engines, the JTEC device converts heat directly into electricity in a single step with unrivaled efficiency. The JTEC is able to harvest energy from ambient environments, meaning it has the ability to use waste heat to produce clean energy.

The JTEC matches the reliability of solid-state solar cells with even greater efficiency than mechanical Stirling engines, making it the most advanced technology currently available for clean energy production.

JTEC Generates Power as Hydrogen is Continuously Compressed at Low Temperature and Expanded at High Temperature
A portion of output power is consumed during low temperature pumping of hydrogen to high pressure as heat is rejected.
High output power is generated during high temperature expansion of hydrogen to low pressure with heat input.