JTEC launches new website

New Website Reflects Growing Interest in High Efficiency Thermal Converter

As Johnson R&D continues to develop exciting advances in converting thermal energy to electricity, the JTEC is garnering attention by large companies and government departments. The new site aims to explain the JTEC feasibility and potential for companies looking for exponential cost-savings in converting waste heat or solar heat to electrical energy.

JTEC Sister Co. JBT, Partners With BP

Sister Co. JBT Partners on Battery Technology Custom Development.

The global energy company has engaged Johnson R&D and JTEC’s sister company, JBT, for a custom battery design. JBT will design a battery for a pressure temperature gauge used in BP’s field work. The JTEC of Johnson R&D has the potential to use JBT technology to store electrical energy created by the JTEC.