Boyko Aladjov

Boyko Aladjov is the Chief Technology Officer at Johnson R&D, responsible for leading the company’s research and development practice. As Chief Technology Officer, Aladjov manages a robust team of scientists, researchers and technicians, as well as partnerships with leading universities like the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of South Carolina.

Aladjov’s expertise lies in research and development in electrochemical engineering with a focus on electrochemical energy storage and conversion. He possesses thorough knowledge of batteries for EV, HEV and Plug-In HEV, charge/discharge algorithm, and safety and abuse testing of different batteries and fuel cell systems. He has a robust background in a variety of battery systems, fuel cells, electrochemical testing and evaluation, and R&D of battery chemistries, such as nickel/metal hydroxide and lithium-based batteries.

Aladjov joined the Johnson R&D team in January 2015 after serving as Director of Engineering Bulgaria & Nickel Technologies EMEA at EnerSys. He has authored/co-authored 37 issued U.S. patents as well as many scientific papers and international conference presentations.

Aladjov earned a Master of Science in Electrochemistry from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Organizations. He has since been awarded honorary professor status.